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    Decca Luxe, an offshoot of British label Decca Records and part of the Universal Music Group, is celebrating the world’s greatest musicians with its Masterpieces collection. It brings together unreleased recordings, new sound technology and skilled craftsmen to create timeless musical objects dedicated to iconic artists.

    The first Masterpiece is ‘Luciano Pavarotti: Life in Art’. Pavarotti’s voice is heard as if for the first time, thanks to new sound technology, and his private passion for painting is echoed in a marquetry art case, handcrafted by Linley.

    Offered as a limited edition run of 71 pieces, one for each year of Pavarotti’s life, some of the proceeds from the Life in Art Masterpiece will be donated to aid the work of the Fondazione Luciano Pavarotti and Decca Foundation in supporting aspiring young musicians.

  • Copywriting for a limited-edition book

    I contributed to this project by editing and copywriting text for a luxurious book to promote Decca’s limited-edition Masterpiece dedicated to Pavarotti. This was a fascinating opportunity to dive into the life of one of the world’s most loved and celebrated tenors.

    I discovered that Pavarotti loved to paint. He describes the moment when this passion was ignited. “I was playing Tosca’s painter, Mario Cavaradossi, and after the show, a friend gave me some brushes, paint and canvasses. I don’t know what happened to me but I was seized by an absolute uncontrollable urge to paint. So I started painting with all my heart, day and night, sometimes even forgetting to eat.”

    Artistic brushstrokes

    Jo Stedman of SO Creative Ltd designed and produced this beautiful book where flourishes, dabs and splatters of brightly-coloured oil paint echo Pavarotti’s brushstrokes. Project direction was by the brilliant team at Thinking Anew.

    Without doubt, my favourite page is the one that shows the music for the song ‘Ti Volgio Tanto Bene’. Here, Pavarotti has scribbled out the lines sung by Plácido Domingo and José Carreras and written the word ‘Solo’ instead.

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