• Renegade Generation

    Case studies / Professional services

    Renegade Generation is a start up run by the fabulous Fiona Green and Caroline Bosher. They recognised there was a gap in the market for offering careers advice to the ‘ageless explorers’ who know that life doesn’t slow down after 50. It opens up.

    Ageless explorers are thinking of retiring or have already retired from a lifelong career and are in no way ready for a traditional retirement. They want to apply their skills and years of expertise in new and interesting ways, or try something completely different. Renegade Generation is their secret weapon.

  • “We needed a copywriter for our startup and Fiona came up on page one in a Google search – which is always a good sign from an SEO aspect. Since our first meeting Fiona has provided more value than we expected. As our first hire (eek!), it’s been fantastic to see Fiona fit straight in to our small team, and work directly with our early adopters. We’ve only just begun to utilise Fiona’s talents and look forward to a future of creativity and compelling copy.” Caroline Bosher, Renegade Generation Co-founder, Google Lead Mentor and UX Designer

    Since meeting up with Caroline and Fiona of Renegade Generation, I’ve written copy for their website and case studies about age-friendly employment for the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

    In a new development, I’ve also interviewed people on camera. While I’ve been safely out of shot, it’s been fascinating to discover the different style of interview technique that this requires. Watch this space soon for a blog post on what I learned during my day filming at the FSCS headquarters.