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    If you’re looking for the perfect duvet, pillow and bedlinen, you really should try scooms. Founders Jonathan and Emily Attwood have gone to serious lengths to discover every element that goes into making the best night’s sleep.

    That includes testing multiple combinations of Hungarian goose down and feathers to arrive at a duvet that cocoons you like a cloud. They eventually settled on a mix of 90% Hungarian goose down and 10% feathers for the ultimate blend of warmth and drape. However, during the research phase, they also created a 100% goose down duvet which their youngest son still loves and uses, but which was “a bit too floaty” for the rest of the family.

    They paid similar attention to detail to the exact construction of their pillow, which contains a firm inner core with a high feather content surrounded by a softer squashier layer that’s rich in goose down. These are the kinds of things you have to think about when other people’s sleep is your business.

  • Client testimonial

    “Many thanks for all the copy and for helping us to make our story and message clearer and friendlier. It’s been great having a fresh look at the way we come across!”

    Emily Attwood, Founder, scooms

    Writing an ‘About us’ page

    When Jonathan and Emily initially got in touch with me, I immediately fell in love with the sound of their range of bedding. Subliminally, I think it also helped that the scooms logo is lime green and I have a soft spot for that colour.

    They asked me to write a new ‘About us’ page for scooms that would have more of a storytelling style and would work harder to convey the key messages of the brand.

    I interviewed the pair over the phone to discover more about the scooms story. I then wrote an ‘About us’ page that would: engage readers, give them an insight into the couple’s motivation for setting up scooms, and highlight all the major selling points of the scooms range.

    I used a classic storytelling structure for the ‘About us’ page:

    1. Setting the scene: Introducing Jonathan and Emily.
    2. Describing the problem: The impossibility of finding high-quality, environmentally-friendly, allergen-resistant bedding.
    3. Rising to the challenge: How the couple solved the challenge of creating their own line of bedding.
    4. Achieving the goal: Sharing proof of success, including getting the seal of approval from The Good Housekeeping Institute.
    5. Looking to the future: Encouraging readers to try the scooms range for themselves.

    An interview with the founders

    As part of this process, I also wrote a longer interview with the founders of scoom that appears on the company’s blog. This tells the story in more detail, explaining why Hungarian goose down is better than duck down, when you need to use feathers and when only down will do, and why a higher thread count in your Egyptian cotton doesn’t always mean it’s better.

    Writing a blog about Scandinavian bedroom style

    Emily and Jonathan asked me to write a blog about Scandinavian bedroom style for them. The aim was to highlight how to use their supersoft linens, luxurious duvets and merino throws to create a relaxed, casual Scandi-style look bedroom. This blog was a wonderful opportunity to explore the creative ways of incorporating Scandinavian trends into your home, from Danish ‘hygge’ (cosy corners) and Swedish ‘lagom’ (the search for a balanced, eco-conscious life) to the love of ‘friluftsliv’ (open-air living).