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    Lintbells is a natural pet supplement company that’s passionate about the difference great nutrition can make to an animal’s physical and mental wellbeing. Its key focus is YuMOVE, a natural joint supplement that helps older pets who suffer from joint stiffness, helping them to lead a happy, active life.

    The company initially got in touch with me on the recommendation of a creative director who’d been working on the brand strategy. They approached me when they were looking for a copywriter to write blog content that would spread the message about their products more widely among pet owners. They were keen to find a writer who would help them establish a consistent tone of voice for the brand, support their SEO strategy and bring personality to their digital copy.


  • Writing blogs for Lintbells

    Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I’m dotty about dogs. And writing blogs is one of my favourite things, too. So I naturally jumped at the chance to write blogs about dogs for Lintbells.

    So far, I’ve written various blogs for the company. They include:

    If you’d like me to write something similar for you, please get in touch.

    Client testimonial

    “Fiona’s energy and passion are different from any other copywriter I’ve worked with.

    From the beginning, she was eager to come in and get a feel for the company and the people, pick up the scientific technicalities of the brand and question every aspect. She immediately started coming up with content ideas.

    Her inquisitive nature is well balanced with her understanding of our regulatory restrictions, and she always makes sure she gets the answers she needs to create entertaining and thought-provoking content. We trust her to use her own initiative to develop content from our initial briefs.

    Her flexibility around us supplying SEO keywords has been essential in growing our organic acquisition strategy.

    Fiona is a pleasure to work with!”

    Benita Birak
    Web content co-ordinator