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Distilling 60 years of whisky stories

In any wisely organised universe, a writing project for a whisky brand would involve much tramping through heather, gazing up at Scottish hillsides, admiring trickling burns, walking over ancient cobblestones, pushing through creaking warehouse doors, tiptoeing past sleeping casks and, you would hope, tasting a dram or two. Last spring, lockdown put paid to the […]


Chestnuts roasting over an electric hob

Roast chestnuts as a route to inner peace. Plus recommended reading material for a temporary escape from the modern world. As I write this, drones have brought Gatwick Airport to a standstill, plastics have been discovered in the Mariana Trench and the Government’s advising us not to go on holiday after 29 March next year. […]


Writers and wine: uncorking two pleasures at once

You can’t become a wine connoisseur just by scattering words like oenophile around. You have to study the grapes, the terroir, the methods. Here’s what happened when I took the first step towards becoming a wine buff at a ‘Writers and Wine’ workshop at the new wine museum in Bordeaux. If you ever want to […]