Film concert: dinosaurs with light sabers

Why is the toy dinosaur holding a light saber?

It’s to promote the upcoming London City Orchestra concert of film music at Cadogan Hall on 14 July. I take care of social media for the orchestra and wanted to find a different way to share the news.

One of the cellists in the orchestra, Anna Argiros, works in film production and is a genius at stop motion films. This seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up. She kindly agreed to create some short films for us.

The next step was to assemble some characters. I found some Star Wars figures on eBay, and Anna produced an excellent short film showing them dancing along to music from the Star Wars suite by John Williams.

Next, I went looking for dinosaurs. My god-daughter, Elizabeth, accompanied me on a trip around my local charity shops. We struck gold when we stepped into Barnardo’s. They had boxes of toy dinosaurs stacked up in the window. Then, incredibly, I found a book that had two miniature light sabers attached.

The idea came to me to unite the dinosaurs and the light sabers to represent Jurassic Park and Star Wars. Anna created a stop motion film featuring the dinosaurs telling a story about the concert.

If you’re around on Sunday 14 July, do come along. The concert is going to be great fun. As well as Star Wars and Jurassic Park, we’re playing music from Vertigo, On the Waterfront and a host of other favourites. You can find tickets here.

When? 5pm on Sunday 14 July

Where? Cadogan Hall, Sloane Terrace, London SW1X 9DQ


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